Villeneuve looking for work?

JACQUES VILLENEUVE has not been exactly ecstatic about the ousting of his mentor Craig Pollock as the head of British American Racing and the Canadian driver has been dropping some hints to pressmen about the future.

Villeneuve said that he would like to drive for Ferrari and would be happy to be Michael Schumacher's team mate. Villeneuve did not say if he would accept the obvious team orders that exist at Ferrari which put Schumacher as the team's number one driver.

The Villeneuve-Ferrari association is an attractive one for many as Jacques's father Gilles Villeneuve is one of the pantheon of Ferrari legends but the reality is that such a move would not be very likely unless Villeneuve was willing to accept terms which up to now would have been unacceptable.

However, it does Villeneuve no harm at all to have his name being bandied about in the newspapers and reminds the world that BAR's lead driver could move elsewhere.

The question, however, is not whether Villeneuve could switch but whether there is a topline team that wants him... McLaren and Williams are booked up for several years ahead and so the only top 6 drive is the second Ferrari. It remains to be seen whether any other teams will emerge as challengers in 2002 but you can be sure that when they do Villeneuve's name will be linked to possible deals.

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