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JANUARY 4, 2002

High hopes for revised Cosworth CR-3 engine

THE Jaguar team has high hopes for the revised and uprated Cosworth CR-3, 75-degree V10 engine which the team will continue to use this coming season. Although the engine's vee angle has not been opened out in the manner of the 90-degree configuration currently used by Ferrari and BMW - and expected from the new Mercedes engine - Cosworth's Managing Director Nick Hayes explains that the engine has a slightly lower center of gravity thanks to a revised installation.

Hayes commented; "I am confident that, with the right development, the Cosworth CR-3 V10 engine will make significant further gains in 2002," says Hayes. "For example, the block and heads incorporate new design features, and we will introduce further modifications throughout the coming season.

"We are looking to improve not only ultimate power but also power-curve width, driveability and packaging. Indeed, despite the fact that CR-3 is an evolution of CR-2, we have nonetheless significantly lowered its center of gravity without having had to resort to a wider V-angle or compromise its excellent packaging qualities."