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JANUARY 2, 2002

Williams backs Button

SIR FRANK WILLIAMS has publicly backed Jenson Button's driving skills in the British paper the Sun.

After a stunning rookie year in 2000 with the Williams BMW squad, in which he outperformed teammate Ralf Schumacher on several occasions, the young Briton was sent to hone his skills with Benetton, but dismal results caused team boss Flavio Briatore to criticize Button's lackluster performances, and warn the youngster that he had better shape up or ship out.

Briatore may not have much confidence in Button's skills, but Sir Frank has not yet given up on the young driver, which he still has under contract. "Jenson was clearly not in his best environment last season. When he drove for us he was outstanding, and that natural talent does not go away overnight", Williams told the Sun.

Unfortunately for Button, with established young stars Ralf Schumacher and Juan-Pablo Montoya driving for Williams, it is questionable whether Jenson will get another chance.