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APRIL 10, 2001

British Grand Prix organizers dismiss spectator ban reports

REPORTS in Britain over the last few days have suggested the British Grand Prix could take place in front of no spectators as foot-and-mouth disease spreads throughout the nation.

But the organizers of the race, Octagon, on Tuesday dismissed such claims and said the race is scheduled to go ahead as planned on July 15, with fans.

"The speculation and reports have been all taken out of context," said a spokesperson for Octagon. "I can tell you now, barring spectators from the event at Silverstone is not what we are planning to do.

"The only way things would change with regards to foot-and-mouth is if anything developed close to the circuit. At the moment there is no plans to disrupt the event."

The Silverstone circuit is based in rural Northamptonshire and the current closest case of confirmed foot-and-mouth disease is around 10 miles away in Wootton. Octagon are continually monitoring the foot-and-mouth problem surrounding the circuit.