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JANUARY 30, 2001

Webber gets fitness help from Oarsome Foursome's Tomkins

BENETTON test driver Mark Webber has taken an unusual step to prove he is fit enough for Formula One - by turning to Australia's Oarsome Foursome for help.

Webber, 24, has trained with James Tomkins, a member of the Oarsome Foursome rowing squad and dual Olympic gold medallist, and the tester believes the experience will help his quest for a Formula One drive.

"It will help me train in the most efficient and effective way when I row in my fitness program," said Webber, who has been put through his paces by Benetton's Human Performance Manager Bernie Shrosbree.

"I enjoy rowing because it gives me some variety in my training and I'm not keen on doing any one type of exercise. The rowing is great for my stamina and it is helping get my mind focused which is important in Formula One."

Tomkins added: "Mark's body cops an absolute pounding driving a Formula One car and the stress levels are enormous. Anything that helps him cope with that will give him an edge."