Mount Fuji may not be such a good investment

TOYOTA recently bought the Mount Fuji International Speedway with the intention of rebuilding the facility to use as a test track for its Formula 1 program and as a future home of the Japanese Grand Prix. The Toyota bosses are thus not going to be very pleased to learn that the volcano has been showing signs of activity for the first time in 13 years. The tremors are only very faint but the possibility of a volcanic explosion that close to Tokyo is a serious worry for the Japanese authorities and the country's seismic experts are gathering this week to examine the data. The tremors recorded increased sevenfold in the course of the autumn but have now returned to the same level as in September.

Mount Fuji has not erupted since 1702 but according to international regulations a volcano must go 2000 years without an eruption to be considered dormant.

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