Frentzen - It's hard to assess EJ11

GERMAN Heinz-Harald Frentzen has said that it is impossible to analyse the true performance of Jordan's new EJ11 car, because all of their rivals are still running last year's challengers.

The Silverstone-based team have put their new chassis through its paces at Barcelona this week, but Frentzen is unsure of the overall performance because he has no other 2001 car to make a comparison against.

"I've been happy with the car in testing, but our competitors were still using last year's car, which made a true evaluation of the EJ11 almost impossible," Frentzen said.

"We've performed a lot of basic work such as engine tests for Honda and there have been no real problems with the car. The set-up is definitely working well and we should have a good season."

Frentzen's Italian team-mate Jarno Trulli will continue work on the EJ11 at the Circuit de Catalunya, Barcelona, today (Thursday) and Friday, after Jordan opted to extend their test.

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