Mazzacane impressed after debut in AP04

ARGENTINE driver Gaston Mazzacane said he was impressed with Prost's new AP04 car after he sampled it for the first time at Barcelona on Wednesday.

Mazzacane, who joined the Guyancourt-based team from Minardi, took over from team-mate Jean Alesi and admitted that he was happy with the Ferrari-powered car.

"I am very happy with my first testing day," Mazzacane said. "Everyone in the team has paid a lot of attention to me and we already communicate easily.

"My objective was to feel as good as possible in the car, and to discover its behavior. I discovered many different things today and my first impressions are very good.

"The engine appears to be very smooth. I feel confident and I am really looking forward to getting back on the track this Sunday."

Prost will remain in Barcelona this week and will begin a four-day test at the Circuit de Catalunya on Sunday. Mazzacane will run on Sunday and Monday before Alesi takes over on Tuesday and Wednesday.

On the car, Alesi added: "Although I could not run a lot during this test, it was enough to have a first impression of the car and my feeling is very positive.

"The car is full of potential, very stable and easy to drive. The engine has already proved his reliability and level of performance, and I am happy with its driveability."

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