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JANUARY 21, 2001

Stoddart confirms Minardi talks

EUROPEAN AVIATION chairman Paul Stoddart has confirmed that he is set to secure the future of ailing Minardi by buying into the team.

Australian businessman Stoddart, whose company sponsored Arrows last season and have also worked with Tyrell in the past, has admitted he wants to buy into the Faenza-based team.

Minardi are without a major sponsor, an engine deal or any drivers with the season-opening Australian Grand Prix just six weeks away, and Stoddart believes he is the last hope to keep the team on the grid.

"We are looking and I think it's fair to say that we are Minardi's only chance," Stoddart said. "I am quite confident, but it would be wholly wrong to say anymore than that at this stage."

Stoddart currently runs Formula 3000 team European Racing but is said to harbor ambitions to become a Formula One boss.