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JANUARY 17, 2001

Jordan to deliver the finances for title glory

JORDAN chairman and chief executive Eddie Jordan has promised to devote more finances than ever in a bid to see his team crowned world champions.

Speaking at the launch of the EJ11 at the team's Silverstone base, Jordan admitted that he will spend the funds needed to help his team, who will be powered by a Honda works engine this year, to the top of the sport.

Jordan said: "This year we are going to devote a lot more human resources and finance to make sure that we are doing the job on the test track.

"A year ago I would not have believed it if I was told that we would get the opportunity to have a deal like we have with Honda. If we blow this we can't blame anyone but ourselves.

"We have learnt lessons from last year and we know we made mistakes. We are going to work harder than ever to put them right but we will still have fun."

Jordan believes that the Honda deal can challenge the likes of McLaren and Ferrari for top honors and that the additions made to his team - including Eghbal Hamidy, whose capture was announced at the launch - makes the current Jordan line-up the most committed in it's history.

Jordan added: "This is the realization of the dream and represents total commitment on our part to win the world championship.

"Honda have been a success story in Formula One and we have been given the job to get them to the top, we have added 50 members of staff to make sure we can cope with the work load and it will be the most committed Jordan team we have ever fielded."

The team shook down the EJ11 on Saturday at Silverstone and reported no serious problems. They will begin testing at the Northamptonshire circuit on Wednesday.