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JANUARY 16, 2001

Michelin sign deal to branch out from tires

FRENCH tire manufacturer Michelin's name will appear on a host of non-motorsport products in 2002 after they agreed a ground-breaking deal with The Licensing Company (TLC).

Michelin, who will return to the Formula One grid in the Australian Grand Prix in March, have agreed the deal with TLC to allow the company's name to be used on various products from next year.

Patrick Lepercq, director of the brand extensive initiative at Michelin, struck a deal with TLC's Angela Farrugia and Melvin Thomas, who plan to help Michelin venture into unexplored avenues.

"We become an extension of the core brand and are the bridge between core brand activity and taking the business out to other markets, making sure the right manufacturers are on board," Farrugia said.