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JANUARY 10, 2001

Jordan team up with Puma

THE Jordan team confirmed on Wednesday that they have signed a deal with German based athletic equipment company Puma.

Puma will supply both footwear and clothing to the team and the Puma name will appear on the distinctive yellow and black colored equipment of the Silverstone-based team.

Jordan's chief executive Eddie Jordan said: "It is always good to welcome a new partner into our team.

"In the case of Puma I am particularly pleased because it is such a famous name within the world of sport, and as a sports fan I am very familiar with the company and its products.

"The presentation of the team is very important, and the personnel attending races and tests also need to have clothing that meets very tough criteria. In Puma I believe we could not wish for a better partner."

The relationship between Jordan and Puma is a long-term agreement with the Puma name being carried on the clothing and race wear of all team personnel, and also on the drivers' and pit crews' overalls.

Martin Gansler, vice chairman of Puma, said: "Puma is constantly looking for new creative ways to market its products and we like the challenge and competitiveness in the field of Formula One racing.

"We believe that this relationship will have a lot of potential for new, innovative concepts in the future."