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JANUARY 5, 2001

Ford confirms Jaguar F-Type

JAGUAR will build its planned F-Type roadster in 2004. It will be the company's first real sportscar since the famous E-Type was discontinued. The aim is for the firm to build around 30,000 of the cars each year. The F-Type is an important step in revitalizing Jaguar's image and selling more cars and it will be supporting the Formula 1 program which is aimed at producing a much more exciting image for Jaguar.

Ford's revamp of its brands will also include the construction of a Mustang Bullitt GT, a new vehicle inspired by the 1968 Mustang Fastback which Steve McQueen drove in the cult movie Bullitt. The company is planning to produce around 5000 of these every year for the US market. At the same time Ford is improving its environmental image by producing a hybrid sports utility vehicle called the Escape.

Among the other products being announced in Detroit this year are a new Pontiac Vibe small sports utility vehicle which is aimed at the young market. Pontiac parent General Motors is trying to bring down the average age of its customers, which might explain why it is looking at Formula One.