McNish not too old for Formula One

AMERICAN LE MANS Series Champion Allan McNish has said he is not too old to dream of a Formula One future.

McNish, 31, will become a Toyota test driver this year alongside Mika Salo as the Japanese company prepare to enter Formula One in 2002.

Despite a number of younger drivers, such as Jenson Button and Finnish driver Kimi Raikkonen, entering the Formula One scene McNish believes he is still young enough to enter the world of Formula One.

The Scottish driver said: "If I were to stand myself in front of an F1 team now and sell myself, I would say right away that I am a far better driver than I was 10 years ago, quicker, more thoughtful.

"I'm not fazed by the idea of taking on the likes of Michael Schumacher, I faced him years ago and I know I am quick. "How quick? We will find out when the Toyota F1 car is running."

Toyota are planning to launch their first car in March and if the machinery is right, McNish believes his role as the team's test driver can propel him to a drive in Formula One.

McNish, who has tested for McLaren and Benetton in the past, added: "The door to F1 is there and I have the key. It is up to me if but only if I have the car.

"I would not have done the deal with Toyota, giving up so much in sportscars, if I did not think that I was capable of really achieving something in F1."

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