...but Villeneuve has his say

JACQUES VILLENEUVE told the German magazine Das Bild last week that contrary to the impression which he says is being created by Michael Schumacher the two drivers are not and will never be friends. Villeneuve says he is annoyed at Schumacher's claims that the two enjoy a friendly relationship.

"I forgive Michael for his move in Jerez because he only caused trouble for himself," Villeneuve was quoted as saying. "What happened after that makes me furious. We had a private get-together. The only photograph taken which was published in the newspapers was taken by Schumacher's wife. That is not the way to behave."

"I keep reading all these quotes from Michael saying we are friends. Lies. I have had enough of all the verbiage about friendship. It is beginning to annoy me. We are not friends and we never will be."

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