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JANUARY 27, 1997

Testing rule changes ahead

THE Formula 1 teams have been circulating a document in recent days in an effort to have the stringent new testing regulations eased a little to allow them to test at four circuits (Barcelona, Magny-Cours, Silverstone and Monza) rather than at the one which they had to nominate. Most teams nominated Silverstone but Williams picked Jerez, Ligier chose Magny-Cours and the Italian teams and Sauber picked Monza.

Until the start of the F1 season teams can test at any of the European circuits used for a Grand Prix in 1996, as long as there is an FIA inspector present. In addition the FIA has given clearance for tests at four non-Grand Prix venues: Jerez, Mugello, Fiorano and Santa Pod. Once again an FIA official must be present.

The only testing which will be allowed the week before a Grand Prix is a 50km shakedown run at an approved track.