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JANUARY 22, 1996

Anderson's raised-nose Jordan

THE new Jordan-Peugeot 196, unveiled last week at Estoril, continues Gary Anderson's tradition of producing good-looking cars. The 196 follows the same basic design philosophy which has been used by Anderson for the last five seasons, but adopts the raised-nose aerodynamics which is now dominant in F1.

The car also features power steering, unusual twin radiator air intakes and the new high-sided cockpit, demanded by the regulations. Otherwise the car is a fairly standard progression from last year's Jordan 195.

The team is hoping that the new car will be better than last year's car in terms of speed - but more importantly in terms of reliability, which let Jordan down badly last season.

"The team showed a lot of promise last year," said Eddie Jordan, "but on too many occasions we failed to turn the promise into results."

Predominantly green and white for 1996, the Jordan features most of the same sponsors as last year. There is no sign of Camel as had been rumored, but neither is there any money from Marlboro or its South American ice cream offshoot Kibon, which supported the team last year.

The car began testing on Thursday with Martin Brundle starting off the work, although his progress was quickly halted by a gearbox problem. Rubens Barrichello took over in the afternoon.