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JANUARY 22, 1996

...but gets richer

MICHAEL SCHUMACHER may be facing a year of struggling with Ferrari on the race tracks, but he is not suffering when it comes to money. Signed by Ferrari for a rumored $25 million, Schumacher is also being paid $3.5 million this year by American sporting goods manufacturer, Nike. The deal is believed to be worth the same money for the next four years. Schumacher joins basketball player, Michael Jordan, and tennis stars Pete Sampras and Andre Agassi as Nike's ambassadors.

Schumacher, who also has multi-million dollar deals with German automotive company Dekra and the Omega watch company, will announce another deal shortly - with Japanese electronics company, Canon.

In total, Schumacher is expected to make something in the region of $35 million this year - not bad for a man who has only just turned 27.