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JUNE 26, 1995

Zhuhai bids for 1997 Grand Prix

AS reported in F1 FOREIGN REPORT in April, Zhuhai is to bid for a Chinese Grand Prix in 1997. The race is planned to take place on a new purpose-built circuit, which will be completed in October next year but the first Chinese GP will not take place until October, 1997.

The Zhuhai organisers will submit a proposal for a race to the FIA World Council when it meets in Paris on Wednesday.

The 3-mile Zhuhai International Circuit is close to Hong Kong, but in the Chinese province of Guandong. It will shortly be linked to Hong Kong by motorway. The city has a population of a million and there is already a strong racing following thanks to a couple of street races which have been held in recent years and have attracted over 100,000 spectators.

The race will be greeted with much enthusiasm by F1 sponsors who are keen to break into the Chinese consumer markets.