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JUNE 12, 1995

Brandy Station refuses to quit

LAS VEGAS might suddenly have emerged as the favorite in the battle to host an American Grand Prix in 1996 but the Brandy Station circuit in Virginia will still be bidding for a race at some point in the future.

Work on the track in Culpeper County began last autumn with the land being cleared and drainage being prepared, but the federal government ordered work to be stopped in February because the promoters did not have a Wet Lands permit which is necessary for the construction. This triggered a historical review of the project and there was opposition once again from preservationists who argue that the land on which the track will be built should be preserved as it is the site of the Battle of Brandy Station in 1863 - the largest ever cavalry battle on North American soil.

The formalities should be completed on Wednesday and work on the track should then begin again with the circuit being completed by the early Spring of 1996.

Track developer James Lazor says that he would like to hold a Grand Prix at Brandy Station but he is quite happy to finish building and run the track for a few years before F1 pays a visit. That, of course, will be dependent on how much money, Lazor and his backers are willing to bid for a race.