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JUNE 5, 1995

Changes coming at Ferrari?

UNLIKELY though it may seem - with the Ferrari team riding on the crest of a wave at the moment - there are murmurs in Italy that there might be technical changes at Ferrari with Austrian engineer Gustav Brunner rumored to be the man on the way out.

Brunner is currently technical director of the chassis department at Maranello and works alongside car designer John Barnard. Brunner is also responsible for research and development, overseeing the race team - led by engineer Giorgio Ascanelli, the test team under Luigi Mazzola and the aerodynamics department under Wilem Toet.

At recent races there has been a strong presence from Barnard's British-based Ferrari Design & Development with Barnard himself, designer Mike Coughlan, aerodynamicist Tony Tyler and chassis designer Kevin Taylor all being seen in the Ferrari pits. The rumors may, however, be without foundation as team boss Jean Todt knows that the best way to be successful is to maintain stability above all else...