29 MAY 2015

FIA wants new F1 team for 2016

F1's governing body has commenced the search for a new formula one team.

Red Bull open to driver change?

Red Bull is open to changing its driver lineup for 2016, according to the Dutch newspaper De Telegraaf.

Mercedes to use logic not data in future

Mercedes has resolved to rely less on data and more on human input in future, following the strategy disaster of the Monaco grand prix.

Haas admits driver interest increasing

Haas, the new American F1 team for 2016, is now turning its attention to drivers.

FIA engine clampdown no surprise says Renault

Renault says it is "not surprised" the FIA is clamping down on supposedly non-performance engine upgrades in formula one.

Massa thinks Monaco one-off slump for Williams

Felipe Massa has backed Williams to recover immediately from a bad weekend in Monaco.

Magnussen still hopeful of F1 return

Kevin Magnussen says he is not losing hope for a rapid return to the F1 grid.

Ferrari has not closed gap on Mercedes according to Briatore

Flavio Briatore insists Ferrari has made no progress in 2015.

German fans could lose free TV coverage

F1's struggling German market could be dealt yet another major blow.

FIA happy with Ferrari-Haas relationship

A recent inspection by F1's governing body cleared Ferrari of wrongdoing as it pushes ahead with aerodynamic development in 2015.

FIA seeking human telemetry for F1

F1's governing body wants to plug the drivers into the telemetry.

Ecclestone not ruling out India return

Bernie Ecclestone is not ruling out a return to the F1 calendar for India.

28 MAY 2015

Hamilton saga cannot be undone says Hakkinen

Mika Hakkinen has tipped Lewis Hamilton to bounce back from the Monaco grand prix.

Ecclestone eyeing new promoter for Italy GP

Bernie Ecclestone says he is open to working with a new race promoter if it saves the embattled Italian grand prix.

FIA clamping down hard in 2015

The FIA is pushing hard for its regulations to be fully respected by F1 teams in 2015.

Deadline on Lotus-Renault buyout deal looming

International media sources believe Lotus is on the cusp of being sold.

FIA not banning alcohol advertising in F1

Jean Todt has ruled out banning alcohol sponsorship in formula one.

New Barcelona mayor says F1 funding not a priority

The Spanish grand prix might be losing the backing of the city of Barcelona.

De Villota investigation unfortunate

Maria de Villota's father has expressed disappointment with the way an investigation into a 2012 crash was concluded.

Lotus chief denies Verstappen brake tested

A Lotus boss has denied Max Verstappen's claim he was "brake-tested" by Romain Grosjean on Sunday.

27 MAY 2015

F1 has turned up the volume in 2015 says Lauda

Niki Lauda thinks F1 has turned up the volume in 2015.

Rosberg wants lucky wife at every race

Nico Rosberg wants his 'lucky charm' at every grand prix as he chases the 2015 title.

Abiteboul smiling after Monaco boost

Cyril Abiteboul left Monaco with a smile on his face.

Ferrari already looking ahead to 2016

Ferrari might already be looking ahead to 2016.

Capelli says Ecclestone wants Monza to stay

Bernie Ecclestone wants the Italian grand prix to stay on the calendar.

Wolff sure Hamilton will trust Mercedes again

Lewis Hamilton is not at Brackley this week as Mercedes tackles the bungled mess of the Briton's Monaco grand prix.

Verstappen claims Grosjean brake-tested him

Max Verstappen claims he crashed at Monaco on Sunday after being "brake-tested".

McLaren-Honda planning big mid-season upgrades

McLaren is preparing a big upgrade package for June's Austrian grand prix.

Hakkinen defends Verstappen after Monaco crash

Mika Hakkinen has leapt to Max Verstappen's defence after his high-speed crash at Monaco.

New Sauber drivers have better attitude

Monisha Kaltenborn has fired a shot at Sauber's former race drivers.

De Villota's family considering legal action

Maria de Villota's family is considering legal action, after the former Marussia team was cleared of wrongdoing in a 2012 crash.

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Straight Talk - Has anyone seen the FIA?

By Luis Vasconcelos

The last time I looked, the series I've been covering for nearly three decades was called the FIA Formula One World Championship. But when it comes to making the rules in Formula One, the Federation seems to be largely absent.

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Audi's long awaited arrival in the Formula One World Championship got one step closer recently with Ferdinand Piech's forced decision to resign from the Board of Directors of the Volkswagen Group.

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Few sports, if any, have the technology to evaluate the quality of the performance of its stars that Formula One has. Inside each team they can analyse every action of their drivers in detail, as telemetry has developed in such a way that it's now impossible for a driver to hide even the tinniest mistake from his engineers.

Straight Talk - Less Bickering, More Work

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Few things are uglier and more embarrassing for those forced to watch and listen than a couple arguing in public, so Red Bull and Renault have been giving the Formula One fans the kind of spectacle we all want to avoid seeing. In spite of the tremendous success the Red Bull-Renault partnership enjoyed between 2010 and 2013.

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