PM tells Ecclestone Hands off Monza!

The big guns are now firing over the question of historic Monza's future on the F1 calendar.

Turkey could still return to F1?

The new operator of Turkey's former F1 track says the sport could return to Istanbul in the future.

Lotus clinging to survival at Monza

Lotus is clinging to survival ahead of the Italian grand prix.

Rosberg has not taken backwards step says Hamilton

Lewis Hamilton does not think his teammate and title rival Nico Rosberg has taken a step backwards in 2015.

Monza rescue talks to hit highest gear

Talks to secure Monza's future on the F1 calendar will step into a high gear this weekend.

More mixed messages as Honda tackles Monza

Honda is going into yet another race weekend with mixed messages.

Michelin remains open to Pirelli tyre war

Michelin remains open to going wheel-to-wheel with Pirelli in 2017.

Raikkonen backs new Iceman alcoholic drink

Kimi Raikkonen is the face of a new alcoholic drink in his native Finland.

Hulkenberg set to keep Porsche seat for 2016

Nico Hulkenberg looks set to defend his title as Le Mans winner at next year's edition of the fabled 24 hour sports car race.


Force India signs Hulkenberg for 2016, 2017

As reported on Monday, Nico Hulkenberg is staying with Force India.

Verstappen backs Pirelli over Vettel blowout

Father and son Jos and Max Verstappen have sided with Pirelli over the tyre blowout saga.

Gutierrez hints future taking shape

Esteban Gutierrez could be close to announcing his plans for 2016.

Pirelli to say debris caused Vettel blowout

Pirelli could be set to announce that debris on the track caused Sebastian Vettel's tyre blowout at Spa-Francorchamps.

Father says Verstappen staying at Toro Rosso

Max Verstappen is staying put at Toro Rosso for 2016, his father has announced.

Ecclestone paid Lotus staff wages

Bernie Ecclestone reportedly paid the wages of embattled Lotus' 400 staff in August.

Hartstein continues attack on F1 doctor

Former F1 doctor Gary Hartstein has continued his attack on his successor, Jean-Charles Piette.

Designer says Ferrari should have kept Alonso

Ferrari should have kept Fernando Alonso, according to departed designer Nikolas Tombazis.

31 AUGUST 2015

Rosberg becomes father before Monza

Nico Rosberg is speeding into the Italian grand prix as F1's newest father.

Vettel right over Pirelli outburst says Webber

Mark Webber has backed his former teammate Sebastian Vettel's expletive-filled rant about the quality of the tyres supplied in F1 by Pirelli.

Michelin weighs into Pirelli blowout saga

Michelin has weighed into the Pirelli blowout saga, insisting it is committed to producing longer-life tyres in formula one.

Turkey F1 track becomes used car dealership

Turkey's chances of returning to the F1 calendar any time soon now appear dead.

After quit threats, Red Bull now looking into F1 future

Red Bull is re-setting its sights on the future of formula one, having earlier threatened to pull out of the sport.

Raikkonen never realised full potential

Kimi Raikkonen never realised his full potential in formula one, according to the Finn's former boss Martin Whitmarsh.

Rosberg given up on 2015 title?

Lewis Hamilton is now cruising to the 2015 world championship, according to two F1 insiders.

Hulkenberg staying at Force India

Nico Hulkenberg is staying with Force India in 2016, the German newspaper Bild reports.

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Straight Talk - Give them an inch...

By Luis Vasconcelos

...and they'll take a mile, I found myself thinking during the Belgian Grand Prix, last weekend. Through the once daunting Eau Rouge/Radillon section many drivers were going completely off the track to achieve better lap times, from the start of free practice until the end of the race. The FIA had put a sausage kerb at the top of the Radillon but after many drivers went over it during Friday sessions it was removed for being "scary and dangerous". Going slower and avoiding it didn't seem to be an option drivers would contemplate though...

Straight Talk - Too much for the boys!

By Luis Vasconcelos

Jules Bianchi was in everyone's mind when we landed in Budapest, and drivers were bombarded with questions about the late Frenchman, as this was the first funeral many of them had attended - not an easy experience for anyone, let alone when you're there to say goodbye to someone so young.

Straight Talk - When small is not beautiful

By Luis Vasconcelos

Last week's meeting of the FIA World Motor Sport Council approved the 2016 F1 calendar, extending the season to 21 Grand Prix. That decision alone should be enough reason for concern for the teams, for the amount of travelling and days away from home will be increased - and we will all have the mammoth task of working over the space of just 35 weeks.

Straight Talk - Hulkenberg back in the game

By Luis Vasconcelos

Formula One can be a funny old business, particularly when it comes to drivers choices - mainly about the way some top teams make decisions that can cost them Grand Prix victories and even World Championships.

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