20 APRIL 2015

Vettel says Ferrari could be his last F1 team

Sebastian Vettel thinks Ferrari could be his last stop in formula one.

Race Report - Home alone

Bahrain GP - Race Report

Renault ready to spend to fix F1 crisis says Horner

Christian Horner has acknowledged Renault is now getting serious about fixing its obvious problems in formula one.

Allison signature helping Raikkonen

Designer James Allison was a key to Kimi Raikkonen's 2014 resurgence, the Finnish driver's manager admits.

Ferrari still not ready to sign Raikkonen extension

At least for now, Ferrari is leaving the door slightly ajar for Lewis Hamilton.

19 APRIL 2015

Race Notes - Hamilton wins Bahrain GP

Bahrain GP - Race Notes

Sunday Photos

Bahrain GP - Sunday Photos

Sunday Team Quotes

Bahrain GP - Sunday Team Quotes

Sunday Press Conference

Bahrain GP - Sunday Press Conference

Race Results

Bahrain GP - Race Results

Baku good replacement for Monza says Ecclestone

Bernie Ecclestone on Sunday confirmed F1's newest host nation is Azerbaijan.

F1 racing ahead for 2017 rule changes

Technical change is coming to formula one.

Rosberg must turn around slump says Lauda

Nico Rosberg's downwards spiral has only worsened in Bahrain.

No more back pain as Bottas bounces back

Valtteri Bottas has finally put his back problems in the past.

Alonso aiming for Q3 in Barcelona

For Fernando Alonso, the next target is Q3.

Mattiacci to rebuild career in US

Marco Mattiacci is set to rebuild his career in America.

All eyes on unconfirmed Ferrari, Mercedes seats

Maurizio Arrivabene says Kimi Raikkonen approached him to enquire about staying with Ferrari in 2016.

18 APRIL 2015

Qualifying Report - Mirror Image

Bahrain GP - Qualifying Report

Saturday Photos

Bahrain GP - Saturday Photos

Saturday Team Quotes

Bahrain GP - Saturday Team Quotes

Saturday Press Conference

Bahrain GP - Saturday Press Conference

Qualifying Results

Bahrain GP - Qualifying Results

Vettel escapes Bahrain grid penalty

Sebastian Vettel has escaped a grid penalty ahead of the Bahrain grand prix.

Practice 3 Report - Split Decision

Bahrain GP - Practice 3 Report

Practice 3 Results

Bahrain GP - Practice 3 Results

Mercedes bracing for Ferrari battle in Bahrain

Mercedes is bracing for another Malaysia-style battle with Ferrari this weekend in Bahrain.

Chairman Ghosn approves F1 revival for Renault

Carlos Ghosn, the chairman and CEO of Renault, has reportedly green-lighted a major push for the French carmaker to bounce back in formula one.

Verstappen best I've ever seen says Pujolar

Experienced engineer Xevi Pujolar says 17-year-old sensation Max Verstappen is the best driver he has seen enter formula one.

Hamilton-to-Ferrari rumours fire in Bahrain

As the long wait for his new Mercedes contract rolls on, rumours are filling the Bahrain paddock about Lewis Hamilton's red-coloured future.

Alonso happy with challenge

Fernando Alonso insists the McLaren-Honda project remains "exciting" rather than depressing.

Senna-Berger is like Hamilton-Rosberg according to Berger

Gerhard Berger sees a similarity between his own F1 career and the crossroad now reached by Nico Rosberg.

Red Bull unfair to former drivers says Alguersuari

Jaime Alguersuari has accused Red Bull of being "unfair" to some of its former F1 drivers.

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Straight Talk - Less Bickering, More Work

By Luis Vasconcelos

Few things are uglier and more embarrassing for those forced to watch and listen than a couple arguing in public, so Red Bull and Renault have been giving the Formula One fans the kind of spectacle we all want to avoid seeing. In spite of the tremendous success the Red Bull-Renault partnership enjoyed between 2010 and 2013.

Straight Talk - Hold your (prancing) horses!

By Luis Vasconcelos

Don't you just love Formula One? Just when even the insiders criticise the lack of excitement in the races we're treated to a cracking Malaysian Grand Prix that had every real fan on the edge of their seat watching, in disbelief, as Sebastian Vettel and Ferrari beat Lewis Hamilton and Mercedes.

Straight Talk - A worrying passion for self-harm

By Luis Vasconcelos

The first Grand Prix tends to be an exciting event, with new cars, and drivers with new rules, so the combination creates a lot of expectations for the fans. So, when the biggest story of the first race is a court case between a driver whose contract was not respected and a team that is struggling to survive, Formula One should really stop and do a reality check, because there's no bad situation that cannot get worse...

Straight Talk - A clear sign for Formula One

By Luis Vasconcelos

Bernie Ecclestone has promised a decision about this year's German Gran Prix will be made this weekend, avoiding the ridiculous situation of having the championship started without anyone knowing how many rounds it would include.

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