22 FEBRUARY 2018

Renault wants to halve gap to top teams

Renault has confirmed reports it has made progress with its F1 engine ahead of the 2018 season.

Red Bull airbrushed 2018 car photos?

Red Bull has airbrushed a key detail out of photographs of its new 2018 car.

Energy drink eyes Force India takeover

Force India is in talks to be taken over.

21 FEBRUARY 2018

Red Bull admits Ricciardo crashed new car

Red Bull has admitted Daniel Ricciardo got his and the team's 2018 season off to a carbon-crunching start.

Liberty risks making F1 Mickey Mouse series saya Willi Weber

Michael Schumacher's former manager is worried Liberty Media risks turning formula one into "a Mickey Mouse series".

Kubica still pushing for F1 race comeback

Robert Kubica admits he came tantalisingly close to pulling off a fairytale return to formula one for 2018.

20 FEBRUARY 2018

Ferrari to be darker red in 2018?

Ferrari's 2018 cars will be painted a deeper shade of red than usual.

Horner admits Red Bull eyeing title

Red Bull should be able to take on Mercedes and Ferrari for the 2018 title.

Alonso defends impossible 2018 schedule

Fernando Alonso says he has no concerns about being able to cope with an unprecedentedly busy racing programme in 2018.

McLaren set to announce Petrobras deal

McLaren is set to announce a sponsorship deal with Petrobras, the state-linked Brazilian oil multinational.

19 FEBRUARY 2018

F1 should not turn up engine volume says Abiteboul

F1 should not be trying to turn up the volume of its 'power units'.

Marko doubts Red Bull will win title

Dr Helmut Marko says Red Bull may not be in a position to push for the world championship in 2018.

Marko admits Red Bull-Honda possible for 2019

Red Bull will decide in the first half of 2018 whether to switch to Honda power next year.

Kubica may add Le Mans to busy 2018 programme

Robert Kubica looks set to have a busy year in 2018.

Leclerc relishes F1 debut for Alfa

Charles Leclerc says he is relishing his new role as a works 'Alfa' driver.

Rosberg criticises Pirelli approach

Nico Rosberg has criticised Pirelli's approach to the 2018 season.

Indycar screen may be F1 option says Glock

Timo Glock says it's good news that alternatives to the 'Halo' cockpit protection system are still being pursued.

Williams has no doubts about Sirotkin

Williams has no doubts Sergey Sirotkin is the right driver for the team.

Kaltenborn sets up Formula 4 team

Monisha Kaltenborn is returning to the world of motor racing.

16 FEBRUARY 2018

F1 needs DRS for now says Brawn

Although no fan of the overtaking aid, Ross Brawn says 'DRS' is staying in formula one for now.

Rosberg tips Hamilton to win again

World champion Nico Rosberg thinks Mercedes will this year beat Mercedes yet again.

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Straight Talk - What an ugly divorce

By Luis Vasconcelos

When relationships between teams and engine manufacturers come to an end, it's not always easy for the two parties to see through their last few races together. Williams and BMW had a tense relationship at the best of times and struggled to keep things civilised at the end of 2005, and it's well know the relationship between McLaren and Honda has gone down the drain, but what is happening between Renault and Toro Rosso has descended into a new level.

Straight Talk - So close, yet so far

By Luis Vasconcelos

The contrast between Sebastian Vettel and all other members of the Ferrari team at the end of the Mexican Grand Prix was striking. Obviously everyone at the Scuderia was disappointed with the loss of the Drivers' Championship to Lewis Hamilton, but the German driver looked completely distraught.

Sideview Cartoon - Ferrari's Sepang Debrief

By Carlo Baffi

Ferrari's Sepang Debrief

Straight Talk - The pros and cons of having team orders

By Luis Vasconcelos

Team orders have been part of motor racing since the sport was born more than one century ago. In the aftermath of yesterday's Belgian Grand Prix there are two teams that are seriously considering imposing team orders from Monza until the end of the season, but for completely different reasons and with completely different purposes.

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